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The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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It’s also used to treat certain ailments. Though it’s the exact product as marijuana for recreational use medical marijuana has distinct effects. This could be helpful in the management of nausea and pain due to cancer treatments. The effects of marijuana on humans are the most studied natural product. Three of the more than 100 components that marijuana contains have been studied and discovered. They comprise THC (a psychoactive component), cannabidiol, or CBD. These compounds do not produce altered state effects like excessive highs. Instead, they help relieve pain symptoms and encourage relaxation and calmness without anxiety.

What is medical marijuana’s purpose?

Researchers are looking into the possibility of medical marijuana being used to treat a vast variety of ailments.

– Anxiety Disorder

– Amyotrophic Sclerosis lateral

– Autism

– Treatment for cancer, including Remission therapy

– Crohn’s Disease

– There is a sign of neurological damage that there is damage to the tissues of the central nerve system (brain-spinal chord) and it is connected to spasticity that is intractable.

– Dyskinetic and spastic movements disorders

– Epilepsy

– Glaucoma


– Huntington’s Disease

It helps.

There are a variety of chemical constituents that comprise medical marijuana. Cannabinoids, which are one of the chemical compounds present in medical marijuana, have numerous benefits for those. Cannabinoids affect our bodies in several ways, such as decreasing anxiety pain, inflammation, and stress while also helping reduce nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy treatments among other things that are too numerous to list. There is still research being conducted on the health benefits of medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana is able to treat seizures?

Following an increase in reports of patients using medical marijuana to control seizures, FDA approved Epidiolex, an extract made of CBD- as a treatment for patients suffering from severe or difficult-to-treat conditions. Many people saw dramatic decreases in seizures, which was proven by numerous clinical studies. It also led to dramatic gains in other metrics such as alertness and overall health. There are risks associated with marijuana for medical use, however there may be some relief for patients who have not been able or willing to pursue other options.

FDA approves medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has been a source of controversy for a long time. Some believe medical marijuana has medical benefits, while others are concerned that it may be used in a way that isn’t safe. There is increasing evidence that supports the medical use of marijuana. FDA also approved two manmade cannabinoid medicines Drobinol (Marinol Syndros, and Nesamet) and Nesamet, both of which are used to treat nausea following chemotherapy. FDA approved a new medicine that is a pure CBD as a substance found within cannabis plants. The drug is used to treat seizures that are caused by two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Although more research is required in order to fully comprehend the medicinal benefits of marijuana, these findings suggest that medical marijuana could one day be able to treat a variety of ailments. There is still plenty of debate surrounding medical marijuana it is vital to recognize that it is a possibility to help those who are suffering from serious medical issues.

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